forever young
this moment that belongs to us, I don't want to let it get away.
forever young
tea: still looking for an explanation for allison argent's death, the wolf music video - and the ostrich.

Under the Rain

Shaking droplets of rain out of his hair, Will buttoned yet another button on his coat, looking back over his shoulder at Tessa who stood rather unimpressed at him from the steps of the institute, sheltered from the rain by the sloping roof. Holding out his hand, Tessa merely shook her head, her curls - having been left free down her shoulders - shook with the motion and gave Will the sudden urge to tuck them behind her ear. 

Upon reaching out towards her face however, Tessa retreated further into the sanctuary of the Institute. It was drizzling, grey clouds crying drops of water below. WIll had planned another outing for the both of them, wishing to make the most of their courtship, however the unaccountable weather that was customary in England had put a slight halt to his plans. Unlike Tessa, he was standing fully outside, preventing the rain from reaching the ground and instead it began to seep into his clothes. Still not heavy enough to penetrate the thick fabric of his coat. 

"Come on Tess," he teased, and he lunged forward suddenly with inimitable grace, taking a firm grasp on her forearm and yanking her towards him, a drop of rain splattering on her forehead. 

"Will!" Tessa exclaimed, aghast and suddenly pulling her own coat tighter around her, peering at him through eyelashes quickly clumping with rainwater. "I admire your persistence but it isn’t necessary, I’d be just as glad to spend the day in your company in a more appropriate setting. Such as the library. Or anywhere inside." 

Will shook his head and chuckled to himself, reaching out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. He wasn’t wearing gloves so his touch was cold to Tessa’s relatively warm face, and she shivered slightly. 

"Please Will?" 

Shaking his head again, Tessa’s pleads for him to accompany her back inside were suddenly cut off as a bolt of lightning appeared followed by the resounding crash of thunder as suddenly the rain drops increased with intensity, and they both soon found their hair becoming plastered to their foreheads. 

"You’re insane. And going to catch a cold," Tessa reprimanded, swirling on her heels with the intention of returning inside, goosebumps quickly rising on her skin. But Will grasped her once more, spinning her around and into him, placing a quick, warm kiss onto her lips. Brushing them against hers once more, he couldn’t help but grip. 

"Insane for you. Plus, I can count on you nursing me back to health, which is definitely something I would enjoy." 

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